EMS Web App

EMS Web App

This is FIU's online application to request meeting, study, and event spaces as well as support services and recreational equipment. We are here to assist you with finding the best space for your event and the most efficient way to reserve it.

Selected spaces are currently available to browse and reserve. These include:

BBC Wellness and Recreation Center MARC Pavilion shopVenues
College of Business Miami Beach Urban Studios Wolfe University Center
FIU @ I-75 Other MMC Athletic spaces Riccardo Silva Stadium
FIU in DC Ocean Bank Convocation Center School of Music
Graham University Center  

Access to additional spaces will be available for Phase 2. You may contact the respective Facility Manager for spaces not listed above.

Recreational equipment is limited to BBC Wellness and Recreation and only for department and student organizations events only. Students wishing to request recreational equipment may contact BBC REC directly.

If you are hosting a personal event, please log out and use the "request a room" tab under "Welcome, Guest" to submit your request.


  • Click on "Create A Reservation" and choose from one of the Reservation Templates.

  • Once you have identified a template that applies to you, click on "book now" and proceed with your reservation request.

  • Your request should be as detailed as possible but you may book a space even if you do not know all of the specific service needs or have all of the required documentation at the time of submitting the reservation request.

  • Please ensure the name under "1st contact" is the person who can make decisions and answer questions regarding the event.

  • You will receive a "Request Summary" via email once you submit your request. However, this is not a guarantee of availability nor approved use of requested space. Your Event Coordinator will contact you within two business days for any further questions regarding this reservation. You may also check the status of your request by visiting reservations.fiu.edu and clicking the "My Events" tab.

For a complete overview on how to navigate this site, check out this Quick Guide and Video Tutorial. You can download this manual and video onto your computer for easy access.


Contact the Central Reservation Office (CRO) at (305) 348-1100 or visit AskCRO.fiu.edu.

Be sure to log out once you are finished!